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Tikwise Client Case Study

How Tikwise used its clients’ existing footage to elevate their brand name on TikTok and gain attention online.



In today’s day and age it’s near impossible to think of a media landscape without TikTok. These short videos are a major factor in a lot of popular brands nowadays, especially amongst Generation Z. But what if a brand doesn’t have the means to consistently create TikTok videos, or even come up with them in the first place?

To make sure a brand without TikTok knowhow has videos to publish on the platform, we focussed on creating TikTok videos out of existing footage the clients already owned. Our editors would find interesting snippets and bits and edit it to fit the TikTok ecosystem and platform. All the clients had to do was post it.


This approach helped us think creatively about the types of videos and trends that currently rule the TikTok platform. We would also keep a close eye on what types of videos performed better than others and occasionally even used paid promotion to promote a piece of content.

By putting out a lot of TikTok content consistently, the platform will start to recognize what kind of videos you upload and try to find an audience. If even a few of these videos are good you will see a huge spike in traffic. You increase these chances by posting more often.

– Quinten, Tikwise Founder & TikTok Creator



● Analyzing the Content: Before being able to construct TikTok videos out of longer pieces of content or footage our clients own, it was insanely important to get to know the kind of footage first. This way we could not only pick the more interesting pieces to use for the TikTok content, but also optimize our workflow. 

  • ● Thinking Platform First: In order to create the best videos possible for TikTok, we as a company held TikTok in mind first and foremost. What is trending on TikTok at the time of the edit? What would the logical flow of the video be on TikTok specifically? This way we knew it could be more thoroughly optimized.


● Sound Focussed: TikTok videos rely heavily on audio. These pieces of background audio, whether it’s someone speaking, a piece of music, etcetera, is referred to as a “sound” on TikTok. By constantly choosing interesting or trendy sounds to use that fit the edits, we were able to increase views.

● Meme Culture Focussed: TikTok has a very strong meme culture going on on the platform. Utilizing these memes and recurring jokes in the edits was often able to gather more views. As long as they were done properly.


● 5 Million+ views across clients

● Exposure to tons of new potential customers

● 20.000+ new followers across clients


In order for brands to dominate the social media landscape they need to double down on TikTok. These videos need to be optimized for the platform as well as properly and frequently made by people who know the platform. 

Tikwise has combined these elements by exclusively using real TikTok creators as their editors to make sure our clients get the best possible results through testing and production.