How it works

Editing your videos

Your editors work on your requests everyday and deliver within 2 business days.

Video Editor Matching

Submit your first request and we will match you with our editors.

Video approval

Final video is approved and source file is delivered.

Who is it for?

Tikwise is for everyone in need of TikTok videos. We use your existing video content and edit it in a way TikTok users want to see.


TikTok is the most popular platform right now and you can't miss out. Keep running your business and let us handle the video editing!


We're in the same boat! So you understand the time and effort it takes to create a good video. We're more than happy to help you grow as a creator by taking this off your hands.


Your art should be seen by millions of people. TikTok is the place and video is the medium. You shouldn't spend your valuable time on editing videos while you could be making art! We'll take it from here.


You're probably working with a ton of videos already, which means you already know how expensive and time-consuming this can be! Allow us to fix those problems for you.

Content we make

No matter how you want to present yourself on TikTok, we got you covered from the start until the end.


Do you want to teach your viewers something? Show how to use your product or service? Or maybe enrich their lives in some other way?

Micro Vlogs

Showing your day, office life, coworkers, product, or more. It can all be done as a micro vlog! Let your viewers know who you are and what your company is like!

Short Videos

Anything you can think of can be turned into a short video. Your existing footage could find a new home on TikTok!


Do you want to hop onto a current TikTok trend? That's a great way to get new viewers! From POV's to memes to any other of the latest trends.