You have the footage,
we create TikTok videos.

Tikwise gives you your very own TikTok video editor.
Always a real creator, no contracts, no interviewing editors.

Why Tikwise?

Tikwise offers the only video editing service fully performed by existing TikTok creators!
Who else to trust but those who know the platform?

Unlimited requests

Request as many short videos and revisions as you want.

Fast and Reliable

Get your TikTok video edited within 48 hours. Every day, all year.

Fixed monthly rate

Pay a flat, fixed price every month. No hidden fees, no extra costs, no unpleasant surprises.

Real creators

Get matched with high quality, experienced TikTok creators and editors only.


Scale up, scale down, pause, or cancel anytime.

Fully yours

Everything we help you with is fully yours! You own the rights and all videos ar optimized for your goals.

The perfect solution for TikTok videos on-demand

Whether you are a solopreneur, just getting started or have been dominating the market for a long time, Tikwise has you covered.

Our plans are made to fit anyone's needs so you can sit back and let us handle your TikTok optimization.


Powered by real creators

Every single video will be edited by a TikTok creator. This way every editor will know how to optimize for the platform so your videos get attention and drive traffic.

Enabled by technology to minimise costs

We created packages based on our success cases in short video. You can purchase these packages directly online and our account manager will get in touch with you. We work with creators and have a speedy onboarding process to reduce your costs.


How it works

Editing your videos

Your editors work on your requests everyday and deliver within 2 business days.

Video Editor Matching

Submit your first request and we will match you with our editors.

Video approval

Final video is approved and source file is delivered.